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Best Sewing Machines Under 5000 India

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Sewing is one of the oldest forms of art and craft. As much as the garments have evolved, so have the techniques to practice sewing. Earlier, people used to practice sewing by hand. The entire process of sewing a garment used to be manual....

Sewing is one of the oldest forms of art and craft. As much as the garments have evolved, so have the techniques to practice sewing. Earlier, people used to practice sewing by hand. The entire process of sewing a garment used to be manual. As a result, even a prominent fashion trend in those days was much simpler and needed to be assembled (instead of stitched). Nowadays, fashion is as advanced as it could get. It is the result of the convenience of sewing machines. We have gathered a list of the best sewing machine under 5000 for you.

Sewing machines are used extensively by textile artists, tailors, fashion designers and even people trying to build it as a hobby.Finding the right sewing machine may be difficult for you. It takes a lot of research and reading up to understand which one of the thousand sewing machines is the best one for you. Here, we have got you covered.  We did the work so you do not have to.

The Multi Electric Mini four-in-one Desktop Functional sewing machine by HNESS is best for household work. It comes with the following parts and accessories:

It is a mini sewing machine and therefore, it wont take much space in your home. It is best for running small stitches here and there.

It comes with two-speed controls and double threads which makes stitching easier and effective.

It is as light as 340 grams so it is very convenient to move.

It also comes with a stand for maximum support. It is suitable for primary sewing and Classic Straight-Line stitch type.

There is also a built-in lamp, thread cutter and cuff slot, which makes sewing more convenient for you.

There are multiple choices of power supply which means that you can choose if you want to operate the machine on a Battery or Adapter. You can also choose if you want to start it with the Foot Pedal or the button.

You can sew aprons, purses, pants, shopping bags and curtains with the classic straight line sewing.

However, it may not be the best for thick fabrics. It does not work well on fabrics like denim or velvet. It must also be used with a cloth while sewing or it may cause bobbin.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 30 Millimeters

The DIXIMO Electric Functional Portable Mini Sewing Machine is the best for tailoring, sewing and stitching.

The DIXIMO Sewing Machine comes with:

The DIXIMO Electric Sewing Machine comes pre-threaded and thereby helps you eliminate the effort and strain on your eyes.

The chain-locking stitch is very durable and does not come off easily. It makes the clothes durable and prevents any extra effort.

There is also a foot pedal along with the machine. If you are used to using a foot pedal, you can opt for it.

Crafters Sewing Machine comes with:

The extension table with the Crafters Sewing Machine is large and helps in stabilising the machine. The sewing experience becomes highly smooth and convenient because of the stability.

It also has a cut-off slot that facilitates the process of sewing. It becomes extremely easy to sew detailed parts of the clothes like sleeves and pants.

The foot pedal operations help in the regulation of the speed. The machine can also be supported by a battery supply when in use outdoors.

There is also a built-in winding pole and spool assist. This can help in rewinding the bobbins while turning on the machine and even while replacing the bobbins, when need be. It consists of two speeds and you may regulate it as per your need.

It runs on AC/DC Power, or you may also use 4 AA Batteries. Batteries are, however, not included with a sewing machine.

Both straight stitching and reverse stitching patterns are adjustable on the sewing machine.

It also has a built-in LED Light. You can easily stitch during the night without straining your eyes. The LED lights also add to the aesthetics of the machine. It also becomes highly convenient to stitch stylish patterns on the machine.

Raawan Multi-Electric Sewing Machine is another great sewing machine available in the market at a very reasonable price. It is perfect for beginners and sewists.

Raawan Multi-Electric Sewing Machine is small and portable. It weighs 390 grams, which makes it very compact and convenient to carry from one place to another.

It is highly versatile as you can use it for altering and sewing clothing, crafting, quilting and so on. You can keep it at home and easily use it for day-to-day work.

Thick Fabrics like denim and velvet may not be the best choice for sewing on the sewing machine.

You can also sew the sleeves easily as the machine comes with double threads and speed control.

JD9 is another great sewing machine at a very reasonable price. It comes with

The machine is so compact and portable that it fits in most carry bags. It is easy and convenient to use.

It comes with a double switch. There is a foot pedal to regulate speed. The push-button hand switch is another very unique feature.

The speed can be regulated from Low to High. If you are a beginner, you might want to start slow, the sewing machine provides that option. There is also a high-speed option for people who have mastered the skill. This ensures maximum efficiency with the most comfortable experience.

The Dual Power operation is another great feature. You can either use the machine on four AA batteries or plug in the machine. The batteries are not included in the package.

This sewing machine is brightly lit and helps in preventing strain on the eyes. The lighting makes it easy to sew when the lights are dim. Dark fabrics can also be sewed effectively because of this amazing feature.

The machine is, however, heavier than the other as it weighs 1.5 kgs.

These were some of the best sewing machines available in the market. They are available at reasonable prices way below ₹5000 and easily available online. Out of the five, the HNESS sewing machine has to be the most versatile and unique machine. It has the best features and definitely provides great value for money. Apart from HNESS, DIXIMO is also a great pick. If you are looking to learn sewing on a machine or starting a small business, these products may be a great way to start as they are economical and reliable.

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