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Best water purifiers and dispenss in Singapore

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Restaurants, Bars, Fashion, Style and Things to Do in Singapore. Things are changing daily thanks to Covid-19. We do our best to be accurate, but double-check with vendors to avoid disappointment. Best water purifiers and dispensers in Sing...

Restaurants, Bars, Fashion, Style and Things to Do in Singapore.

Things are changing daily thanks to Covid-19. We do our best to be accurate, but double-check with vendors to avoid disappointment.

Best water purifiers and dispensers in Singapore for abundant clean water

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Dont fret, were here to help narrow down your search for the best water purifiers and dispensers available in Singapore!

If youve already invested in a greatair purifierfor your home and are now on the quest for clean, filtered water, you know how hard it can be to weed out the best water purifiers and dispensers in Singapore. Sure, sunny Singapore is blessed with potable tap water every way you turn but a great water purifier can help to eliminate any remaining impurities, chlorine and dirt for that extra peace of mind. With so many options available, weve made your job easier by narrowing down the top few.

With multiple factors to consider, finding a good water purifier is no easy feat but Wells The One hits all the important points on our checklist. Its as sleek as it is functional, being the worlds only water purifier system that cleverly divides the filtration device from the water dispensing faucet. All this to create a compact and leading-edge design that sits smartly on your kitchen counter. Its minimal, award-winning design is sure to impress any house guests!

Now, thats not all. This water purifier is equipped with the most comprehensive nine-step filtration system, comprising the Wells multi-carbon plus five-step and nano clean four-step filtration system. These systems run together to remove heavy metals and micro particles. Designed with an incredibly effective sterilising system, you can be sure youre getting fresh, contaminant-free water with every sip.​ Who needs to go through the fuss of getting the kettle on when you can get clean water instantly? Wells The One will dispense hot and cold water in six different temperatures with the touch of a button whenever you need it.

This compact water purifier from Philips fits perfectly over your faucet. It helps to filter chlorine and impurities through its silver coated active carbon filter. That means better-tasting water for drinking, cooking and cleaning! If youre the forgetful sort when it comes to changing water filters, this water dispenser also comes with a Pure Protect alert sticker on its filter cap to ensure you always remember to replace your filter on time.

Philips, multiple locations including Harvey Norman and Tangs

This smart water purifier from Hydroflux has made itself known as Singapores first and only tankless water dispenser giving it a direct connection to your homes water source. Aside from coming with a handy built-in Bluetooth speaker for you to play your favourite soundtracks while whipping up meals for your loved ones, it also comes with an additional 16 built-in tunes curated to help you recover from fatigue while you sip on an ice cold glass of clean water.

If reducing water wastage is a huge deal to you, the Novita Faucet Water Purifier NP200 is here to save the day. Its dispensing outlet has smaller, perforated openings that conserve up to 33% of water. The water dispenser also comes with a two-step ultra purification system so you can experience chlorine-free water that always tastes great.

Maintaining your homes water dispenser system can sometimes be a hassle, especially when youre juggling several other household chores. This particular water purifier from Sterra takes that off your hands, as it self-cleans and maintains itself using electrolysis sterilisation. It also instantly dispenses water in four different temperatures to suit your every need!

Boasting a seven-layer ultra twin filtration system, this water purifier from Filtech is sure to eliminate a hefty amount of bacteria, impurities and chlorine from the water before it touches your lips. Its compact size also makes it the ideal fit for your countertop, so you can wave goodbye to bulky water dispenser systems!

Did you know Osim makes water purifiers that are just as great as its massage chairs? Coming with eight different adaptors of choice, the UPure 2 water filter fits like a dream over your faucet, and has three purified water streams for any of your cooking or drinking needs. It even comes with a quick check window so you can view the condition of your filter cartridge to ensure it remains in top shape.

Were sure one of these water purifiers and dispensers in Singapore will be the right fit for your household. Lets go get that clean water!

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